Pellet Smoker Ribs. Once ribs are done, brush a light layer of your favorite Traeger BBQ Sauce on the front and back of the ribs. Slice ribs in between the bones and serve with extra sauce. Preheat your pellet smoker to the desired temperature.

Pellet Smoker Ribs Then finally, remove the foil and let the ribs stay for one hour. Our Pellet Grill Smoked Pork Ribs are like a mix between a Memphis-style dry rub rib and Carolina mustard BBQ. The ribs themselves are moist and tender, but not so overcooked they immediately fall off the bone. You can have Pellet Smoker Ribs using 6 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Pellet Smoker Ribs

  1. You need of Ribs of your choice.
  2. You need of Brown Sugar.
  3. It’s of Honey.
  4. Prepare of Seasoning of your choice.
  5. You need of Apple juice.
  6. Prepare of Yellow mustard.

They've also got a nice smoke ring with a flavor that doesn't overpower. Ribs cooked in a pellet smoker are the easiest method, in my opinion. The pellet smoker I use is a Pit Boss Classic and it does the job just fine. I love how there is no messing with water pans or wood chips.

Pellet Smoker Ribs instructions

  1. In a bow mix even portions of brown sugar and mustard. Coat the ribs in this mixture..
  2. Put the seasoning of your choice on the ribs. (Don’t be afraid to use too much.).
  3. Set pellet smoker to smoke and put ribs on for 3 hours. (I use apple wood).
  4. After three hours put ribs in tinfoil and put brown sugar and honey on the and pour 1-2 cups of apple juice. Seal it up so nothing can get out. Turn the smoker up to between 225-250 and cook the ribs for two more hours..
  5. After two hours pull the ribs out of the tinfoil and put back on the smoker for 1 hour. If you want bbq sauce on the ribs put it on for the last 30 min..

You just fill up the hopper with your choice of pellets, set the temperature, and start smoking. Remove the membrane on the back side of the ribs with a knife and paper towel. Although having the right wood pellet smoker grill and a great traditional baby back ribs recipe on hand matter, so does the cut of ribs you choose. Our pitmaster recipe recommends that you opt for St. They tend to have a consistency that works quite well on the smoker.

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