Kabocha Squash Halloween Bread. This kabocha bread is made from sweet Kabocha Anko paste wrapped with Japanese soft milk bread and shaped like a kabocha pumpkin or a Kabocha squash. This bread is a sweet bread, so it is a great snack to share at a Halloween party. Pumpkin Potage Recipe (Delicious Halloween Soup with Sweet Kabocha Squash) Kabocha is a Japanese squash or pumpkin.

Kabocha Squash Halloween Bread Easy Kabocha Squash Marbled Bread Recipe by cookpad.japan. Spelt is such an awesome ancient whole grain that is a great substitute for whole wheat. Cut the kabocha squash into bite-sized pieces. You can have Kabocha Squash Halloween Bread using 7 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Kabocha Squash Halloween Bread

  1. It’s 300 grams of Kabocha squash.
  2. It’s 150 grams of Bread (strong) flour.
  3. You need 1 tsp of Dried yeast.
  4. It’s 1 tbsp of Sugar.
  5. You need 1/3 tsp of Salt.
  6. Prepare 20 grams of Butter.
  7. Prepare 110 ml of Water.

Microwave until tender, and mash with a fork. Instead of using a regular American pumpkin, this loaf uses kabocha squash to make it moist and flavorful. Grease two regular bread pans or four miniature bread pans. Whisk together the flours, sugar, spices, salt, and baking soda.

Kabocha Squash Halloween Bread instructions

  1. Start by removing the skin and seeds from the kabocha squash. Cut it into bite size pieces and cook it in the microwave. Once it is soft, mash it up and divide into two parts. 30 grams will be used in the bread dough, and the remaining 270 grams will be used as kabocha squash paste filling..
  2. Heat the water to about 30℃,add the yeast and stir well. Then add all the ingredients except butter (including the 30 g of kabocha squash) to the bowl and stir them together. Once the flour is mixed in, add in the butter and knead the dough on a counter..
  3. While the dough is rising for the first time, make the kabocha squash paste filling. Add about 25 grams of sugar (not in the above ingredients list) to the 270 g ball of kabocha squash and then heat it on a low flame to remove excess liquid. If it seems dry, add a little bit of honey. Divide the filling into six pieces and make it into balls, using saran wrap..
  4. Let the dough rise at about 30℃. Once it has risen to roughly twice the original size, it's done. It should take about 30 minutes~. Then divide the dough into six pieces and leave it to rest for 10 minutes..
  5. Roll out each piece into a circle about 10 cm in diameter and make 8 cuts evenly around the edges..
  6. Place the kabocha squash paste filling balls in the middle of the bread dough and pull each section of dough to the center and seal. Place a kabocha squash seed on top..
  7. Let the bread rise a second time for about 25 minutes~. Once it has risen,bake it for about 15 minutes at 190℃. They turn out cute and pumpkin-looking if you take them out before they turn too brown..
  8. Cut Jack-o-lantern face pieces out of nori seaweed and stick them on the finished bread with a dab of honey..
  9. It should look like this..

Make a well in dry ingredients and add the squash puree, oil, eggs, and water. Kabocha Squash Banana Bread (Vegan, Gluten-Free) A vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free banana bread that's perfect for the fall! With baked kabocha squash and pumpkin spices, it's cozy and warming, but also made with wholesome ingredients like almond flour and sweetened with just bananas and coconut sugar. Ingredients for Kabocha Squash Bread The rest of the kabocha squash bread ingredients The ingredients for this bread is pretty standard for a yeast bread. Dump the kabocha mixture on top of the dry ingredients.

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