Recipe: Delicious Instant dhokla

Instant dhokla. एकदम फूला फूला सूजी का ढोकला झटपट बनायें । Suji ka Dhokla. NishaMadhulika. • Microwave Dhokla Recipe – Instant Besan Dhokla in Microwave. Another healthy Indian Recipe, this is a Besan Dhokla and is also known as Khaman Dhokla.

Instant dhokla Dhokla is made from a fermented batter of ground rice and Khaman dhokla makes for a great party appetizer when hosting because it's easy to make and. ВОСПРОИЗВЕСТИ ВСЕ. Instant Rava Dhokla with step by step photos. This is an easy This instant dhokla recipe I learnt when I was working in a school. You can cook Instant dhokla using 15 ingredients and 20 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Instant dhokla

  1. Prepare 1 Cup of gram flour (besan).
  2. Prepare 1.5 Tablespoons of sooji semolina /.
  3. Prepare 3 Teaspoons of sugar.
  4. You need 1 Teaspoon of ginger green chilli and paste.
  5. It’s 1 Teaspoon of lemon juice.
  6. Prepare To Taste of salt.
  7. You need 1 Cup of water.
  8. It’s 1.5 Teaspoons of Eno salt fruit.
  9. Prepare of greasing Oil for the plate.
  10. You need 2 Teaspoons of oil.
  11. You need 0.5 Teaspoon of mustard seeds.
  12. It’s 0.5 Teaspoon of sesame seeds white.
  13. It’s 1 Teaspoon of green chilli finely chopped.
  14. Prepare 1 Pinch of asafetida.
  15. Prepare 1.5 Tablespoons of coriander leaves chopped.

The teacher colleagues were discussing how to make rava dhoka. Homemade Instant Khaman Dhokla, a warm soft and spongy savory gram flour snack cake tempered with spices. Instant Dhokla is a soft, spongy, and quick microwave dhokla recipe. It is an airy and easily digestible Indian breakfast cum snack made from gram flour (besan) or sooji (semolina).

Instant dhokla instructions

  1. Filter gram flour using fine sieve to avoid lumps.
  2. Mix all ingredients except fruit salt in sequence.
  3. Mix it well by stiring it in circular motion and keep the batter aside.
  4. Keep a pan with 1.5 cup of water with a ring (4 inches diameter and 2 inches height) or a small bowl upside down in center OR you can use the dhokla cooker if you have.
  5. Boil water on high heat.
  6. Meanwhile grease aluminum plate diameter not more than 7 inches.
  7. Add eno fruit salt and 1 tsp water.
  8. Stir the batter in circular motion quickly and mix it well.
  9. Pour batter in greased aluminum plate.
  10. Balance the plate on the ring or the bowl and cover the pan with a lid and put some weight (I used lid of cooker as weight) on the top.
  11. Keep it on medium heat.
  12. Remove the lid after 5 minutes and poke dhokla using toothpick or knife. If the knife comes out clean and does not have any batter sticking, then its done, if it does not come out clean, cover the lid and keep it for another 2 minutes. Note that keep the batter maximum for 7 minutes on the stove.
  13. For seasoning, take a pan, add oil and warm it on medium heat for 30 seconds.
  14. Add mustard seeds and stir it.
  15. As the mustard seeds sizzles, add sesame seeds, mix it and keep for a minute.
  16. Add chopped green chillie and mix it well.
  17. After 30 seconds add asafetida and mix it, turn off the stove.
  18. Pour the seasoning on top of dhokla and spread it evenly.
  19. Garnish with coriander leaves.
  20. Serve it hot with green chutney or tomato ketchup.

Instant Dhokla Recipe, How To Make Instant Dhokla Recipe. Dhokla is a vegan dish that arises from the Gujarat. It is made from a fermented mixture produced from rice and split chickpeas. Instant Khaman Dhokla is a steamed cake prepared with chickpea flour and spices. Fail-Proof Khaman Dhokla recipe, Dhokla ki recipe, How make khaman dhokla Here is a delicious, tempting dhokla recipe that can be made within no time and served to your guests.

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