Mudi ke laddoo. Ab ek bada thali le ke mudi aur gud mila denge. jab acche se mil jayega to haat me thora ; Sat el laga ke ladoo bana lenge. Yeh hamare mudi ke ladoo tayar hai. #shorts #MudikeLaddoo #Tilwa Boondi ke Ladoo (Laddu) Recipe – About Boondi ke Ladoo (Boondi ke Laddu) Recipe: A very famous Indian dessert, Boondi ke Ladoo are also known as Motichoor ke ladoo and are usually made during festive times like Diwali or at Indian weddings and pujas. Boondi is made of small, round shaped droplets, which are called 'boond' and hence the name 'boondi'.

Mudi ke laddoo A popular punjabi dish, also known as Panjeeri laddu or pinni these are considered healthy winter dish. Today I am sharing with you a traditional Punjabi recipe of making gond ke laddoo just the way my Mom makes it. Gond ke laddu is a popular. You can have Mudi ke laddoo using 4 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Mudi ke laddoo

  1. It’s 100 gm of mamra.
  2. Prepare 100 gm of jaggery.
  3. You need 1 table spoon of pure ghee.
  4. It’s 1 of katori paani.

To prepare til ke laddu, heat a broad non-stick pan, add the sesame seeds. It is important to stir continuously as sesame seeds tend to burn and give a bitter taste. Ladoo are small ball shaped Indian sweets made of flour, nuts, sugar, jaggery and ghee. These sweets make a good addition to your list for any festive occasion or are also good to have as an after school snack, mid morning snack or for the toddlers or kids school box.

Mudi ke laddoo step by step

  1. Jaggery ghee and Paani boil it..
  2. Ek taar chashni ban jaane ke Baad mamra daal do.
  3. Stir it for some time.
  4. Haathon I'I'I'I'm Paani Laga ke above mixture ke laddoo Bana lein.
  5. Ready to eat.

Chef Pallavi's guest shares a recipe for Gud Ke Ladoo, a favourite Indian sweet during winters. This recipe combines gond (Edible Gum), makhane (Fox Nuts) and gud (Jaggery) and a whole lot of dry fruits. Tasty, delicious, wholesome and nutritious, these ladoos can give you enough energy for a day. A mouth-watering laddoo made of sesame seeds and crushed peanuts, which will make your taste buds jump with joy! Dry roasting the sesame boosts the aroma and flavour of this laddoo phenomenally..

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