Recipe: Yummy Liver Onions Homemade Gravy & Mashed Potatoes

recipe yummy liver onions homemade gravy mashed potatoes

Liver Onions Homemade Gravy & Mashed Potatoes.

Liver Onions Homemade Gravy & Mashed Potatoes You can have Liver Onions Homemade Gravy & Mashed Potatoes using 9 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Liver Onions Homemade Gravy & Mashed Potatoes

  1. Prepare 1 pack of calf liver.
  2. You need 4 of russett potatoes or box.
  3. You need 1 stick of butter or margerine.
  4. It’s to taste of kosher salt.
  5. Prepare of Milk.
  6. You need of Seasoned meat tenderizer.
  7. You need 1 cup of olive oil.
  8. Prepare 2 of yellow onions.
  9. You need of Flour for gravy.

Liver Onions Homemade Gravy & Mashed Potatoes step by step

  1. Cut the potatoes into squares and, add them to a pot of cold water an boil them till fork tender..
  2. Drain then smash till smooth then, add milk, butter, salt, and pepper..
  3. In a skillet add olive oil heat an add sliced onions, cook till golden brown an take out an set aside..
  4. Season liver with tenderizer dredge in flour and,add to oil cook about 2 min on each side take out an set aside..
  5. Add some flour to oil make sure to whisk till golden brown and add water to make it as thick or thin as you want it.
  6. Season gravy add liver and onions and let simmer till liver is tender..

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