Egg Qeema Omlete. Instructions Beat the eggs well, then add the keema and stir. Sprinkle a pinch of salt (remember that the cooked keema already has salt, so don't go overboard!) Heat a pan and add the butter. When beating the eggs, whisk until just fully incorporated, with no streaks of white, but don't get it too bubbly (unless you're trying to make a baked omelette soufflée).

Egg Qeema Omlete Like we make keema samosa, keema kachori, keema paratha, etc. same we make keema omelette. It is like keema Filling is wrapped in egg wrap. In cooking pan heat oil and fry onion until pink. You can have Egg Qeema Omlete using 11 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Egg Qeema Omlete

  1. You need of Beef mince 250 grm.
  2. It’s 2 of Egg.
  3. Prepare of Onion 1small.
  4. It’s of GG paste 1tbsn.
  5. You need of Chilli flake 1tbsn.
  6. You need to taste of Salt.
  7. You need of Tumaric powder 1tespn.
  8. It’s of Corrindor powder 1tbsn.
  9. Prepare of Cheddar cheese 2spn.
  10. Prepare of Oil.
  11. Prepare of Garm masala powder 1tespn.

Now add ginger garlic paste and fry for one minute. Address: Shraddha Saburi Omelette, Doctor Park Road, Morabhagal, Surat. Cheese Boil Egg Ghotala & Egg Keema at Pintu Bhai Omlet Center Famous Omlet Wala in Surat Follow us on all Social Media.

Egg Qeema Omlete step by step

  1. Beef mince me GG paste coriander powder haldi salt chilli flake garm masala powder Dal KR cook krly.
  2. Cook until dry.
  3. Egg ko beet krly qeema Dal kr.
  4. Ab fry pen me ghee/oil daly.
  5. Ye mixture pen me Daly or cheddar cheese bhi Dal KR fry krly.
  6. Yummy Omlete ready he..

To make sure your omelet is fluffy, beat the egg whites well, and patiently cook the omelet on medium-low heat. I like to incorporate the vegetables into the eggs rather than cook them separately, then stuff the cooked eggs with the filling. I also like to flip my omelet before folding it, to make sure it's thoroughly cooked on both sides. Kheema is a quick and protein-packed side for Rice, Chapatti, Paratha or Dosa. Easy Indian Side Dish for paratha or chapati: Making Indian sides for paratha is a time-consuming task for dinner.

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