Vickys Quick Kids Strawberry Custard, GF DF EF SF NF. Vickys Quick Kids Strawberry Custard, GF DF EF SF NF A really quick way to make custard when you realise you have no dessert ready for the kids! GF DF EF SF NF. by Vicky@Jacks Free-From Cookbook; Vickys Peach & Oat Breakfast. See great recipes for Vickys Rhubarb & Custard Pudding, GF DF EF SF NF too!.

Vickys Quick Kids Strawberry Custard, GF DF EF SF NF Pour custard mixture over the preserve layer. Optional: If you have cookie slices left, roll into thin strips and place them lattice-like on custard. Vickys Strawberry Santas, GF DF EF SF NF Recipe by Vicky@Jacks Free-From Cookbook. You can cook Vickys Quick Kids Strawberry Custard, GF DF EF SF NF using 4 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Vickys Quick Kids Strawberry Custard, GF DF EF SF NF

  1. You need 2 tbsp of cornstarch / cornflour.
  2. It’s 480 ml of full fat coconut milk.
  3. It’s 6 tbsp of strawberry nesquik milkshake powder.
  4. It’s 1 of pink/red food dye if you like.

Great recipe for Vickys Strawberry Santas, GF DF EF SF NF. Quick and cute, tasty too lol! A really quick way to make custard when you realise you have no dessert ready for the kids! The spices for cooking Vickys Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Pancakes, GF DF EF SF NF.

Vickys Quick Kids Strawberry Custard, GF DF EF SF NF instructions

  1. Mix the cornstarch with a little of the milk to make a slurry.
  2. Heat the rest of the milk with the Nesquik in a small pan.
  3. When almost boiling, whisk in the cornflour slurry and keep whisking until thickened. Cook for 2 minutes. Add a drop of food dye for a brighter colour.
  4. Let cool to room temp or slightly warmer before serving. I like to divide the custard between a few clean yogurt pots and keep in the fridge for a quick dessert.

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