Easiest Way to Make Tasty Caramelized Makhanas (मखाना)

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Caramelized Makhanas (मखाना). Hi, my name is Priya and today I'm going to make you learn, how to prepare caramelized makhana (lotus seeds/ foxnuts). Watch how to make sweet makhana with jaggery. Try this jaggery coated fox nuts recipe.

Caramelized Makhanas (मखाना) How to make Gur Makhane or Jaggery Caramelized Lotus Seeds – a guilt-free indulgence bites. How to slowly caramelize onions to bring out deep, rich, sweet flavor as the natural sugars in the Caramelizing onions, by slowly cooking them in a little olive oil until they are richly browned, is a. I have had makhana kheer before and also had the roasted makhana many times. You can have Caramelized Makhanas (मखाना) using 4 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Caramelized Makhanas (मखाना)

  1. You need 1 cup of Roasted makhanas.
  2. You need 1 tsp of Ghee.
  3. It’s 1/2 cup of Jaggery (Gud) -.
  4. Prepare 2 tbsp of Sesame seeds (til) -.

We also make sabzi with makhana. I have also seen makhana being served as prashad. मखाने के दुष्प्रभाव – Makhana Side Effects in Hindi. Makhana Benefits, Medicinal Uses And Its Side Effects. Caramelizing onions is a simple trick that great cooks use to add tons of flavor to a dish.

Caramelized Makhanas (मखाना) instructions

  1. Dry Roast makhanas in a pan on a low flame till they are crunchy..
  2. Heat ghee in a pan. Add jaggery (gud). Keep stirring till jaggery melts completely..
  3. Turn off the flame. Add sesame seeds and makhanas..
  4. Mix well till makhanas are well coated in the jaggery..
  5. Caramelized Makhanas are ready to serve. Enjoy !!.

Start by slicing onions thinly and cook them for a long time over low heat with a little butter. The onions will break..in hindi, मखाना खाकर वजन घटाएं, Health benefits of makhana in hindi, मखाना कैसे वजन घटाने में करे मदद जानें, मखाना वजन कम करने (Makhana for weight loss in hindi) में कैसे मदद करता है और मखाना खाने के सेहत लाभ. Find here details of companies selling Makhana in Delhi, मखाना विक्रेता, दिल्ली, Delhi. Jaaniye makhana benefits in hindi, nutritional value of makhana, makhana for weight loss. स्वस्थ शरीर का नुस्खा है मखाना – Makhana for Healthy Body in Hindi मखाना खाने के लाभ उच्च रक्तचाप के लिए – Makhana for High Blood Pressure in Hindi Makhana is a native Asian water plant and is mainly cultivated for its edible seeds. It is an highly nutritious, fully organic non-cereal food मखाना है सेहत के लिए बेहद फायदेमंद इन बीमारियों से मिलेगा छुटकारा । National Makhana Udyog is a high potential start-up enterprises which is tends to be a leading dry fruits(.

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