Left over mashed potato biscuits(he called them). I could make a whole meal based around these Potato Biscuits using Leftover Mashed Potatoes! They are such a great and exciting way to give new life to leftover mashed potatoes. Although if you are anything like me, there is no such thing as leftovers when it comes to mashies, and you will have to make a whole new batch just to make some biscuits.

Left over mashed potato biscuits(he called them) Glad I stumbled upon this one. I mean I didn't change a thing. Even my picky eater husband liked them. You can cook Left over mashed potato biscuits(he called them) using 4 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Left over mashed potato biscuits(he called them)

  1. Prepare of Left over mashed potatoes.
  2. You need 2 of eggs.
  3. It’s of Flour.
  4. It’s of Black pepper and salt.

This potato flatbread can be made with leftover potato mash as well as freshly made mash. Just make sure it's cooled down before you start working with it. If your mashed potatoes include butter, milk/cream and seasoning this is fine. Whenever we have leftover mashed potatoes this is how I use them.

Left over mashed potato biscuits(he called them) instructions

  1. Mix your mashed potatoes with 2 eggs, black pepper and salt, mix mix togetheršŸ˜•sticky right?.
  2. Add your flour any type of flour and mix into dough like…..oil in a pan getting hot.
  3. Uuuuh! Deep fry your potatoes however shape u want them……brown to your liking..
  4. Served with minced meat and some cabbage for veggies..

I will mix in any veggies or chopped up meat we need to use up to add to the filling. The kids will chow down on these leftover stuffed pierogies for lunch. Make your own batch of fresh Homemade Pierogies today. Homemade Potato Dumplings (or potato balls as my Grandma called them) are a perfect comfort food side dish for almost any meat. Cut in shortening until mixture is like coarse crumbs.

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