Recipe: Delicious Rum & Raisins

recipe delicious rum raisins

Rum & Raisins. Rum is made by fermenting and distilling molasses or pure sugarcane. That's about the only criteria for making rum. Unlike most spirits, there are no territorial restrictions and very few.

Rum & Raisins Most rums are produced in Caribbean and American countries, but also in other sugar-producing countries, such as the Philippines and India. Rums are produced in various grades. Gold Rum is a rum that tends to be stronger tasting than White Rums, but not as strong as Dark Rums. You can have Rum & Raisins using 2 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Rum & Raisins

  1. Prepare of Raisins OR Sultanas.
  2. It’s of Rum.

They tend to be aged in [white] oak barrels, which transfers a part of the barrel to the color, hence gold rum. Some gold rums might use coloring instead of aging to give it the gold / page appearance. Rum is a staple when it comes to putting together your at home bar. It's great for mixing drinks like piƱa coladas, mojitos, dark 'n' stormies, and so many more.

Rum & Raisins instructions

  1. If Raisins (OR Sultanas) are coated with Oil, you may wish to remove the Oil. Place Raisins in a heat-proof bowl, pour over boiling water to cover, then drain very well..
  2. Find a small glass jar or container with a tight-fitting lid. Place drained Raisins in the jar. Pour enough Rum to cover them..
  3. Let it sit in your pantry for a few days, inverting the jar occasionally to make sure all the Raisins are getting coated..

There are three main types of rum: white rum, dark rum, and spiced rum. Mount Gay's Eclipse Rum is a gold rum with a brilliant amber colour and a strong flavour to match. It combines floral and fruity notes for a unique and distinctive aroma of banana, apricot and vanilla. A quick sip will reveal a medium-bodied spirit with a bright finish. Bacardi is the biggest rum distillery in Puerto Rico, but Destileria Serralles makes what might be the most popular as far as the locals are concerned: Don Q.

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