How to Cook Delicious Homemade Black Tea Liqueur

how to cook delicious homemade black tea liqueur

Homemade Black Tea Liqueur. Great recipe for Homemade Black Tea Liqueur. Since Kahlua Milk exists, I thought that a tea version should work too! I wanted to try it, but around these parts they only sell tea liqueur in big bottles and it's expensive.

Homemade Black Tea Liqueur Easy recipes for making your own liqueurs and flavored vodka, tequila, and rum. Some liqueurs, like a ratafia of quince, can take months to make. But you can make a really delicious, intriguing tea liqueur in just a few hours. You can have Homemade Black Tea Liqueur using 3 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Homemade Black Tea Liqueur

  1. You need 15 grams of Loose leave black tea.
  2. You need 200 ml of White liquor (vodka or other clear high alcoholic liquor).
  3. You need 30 of to 50 grams Granulated sugar.

Black Tea Vodka (Recipe) Firefly Sweet Tea (Outside Link): Available in Original, Raspberry, Lemon, Mint and Peach; Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea (Outside Link): Vodka and Bourbon flavored with tea, also available in Peach and "Half & Half" (half lemonade, half sweet tea spirits) Masala Chai Vodka (Recipe) Qi Black Tea Liqueur (Outside Link) Serve this dreamy homemade Irish cream liqueur chilled over ice, or stir it into coffee, black tea, rooibos, or chai. Or pour it into a tasty shake along with vanilla ice cream, cocoa powder, and a banana. The ratios of sweet to cream to booze may be different from standard Irish Creams, so add it to taste in cocktails and other recipes. Combine blackberry juice, sugar, cloves, cinnamon stick, and lemon zest in a large saucepan.

Homemade Black Tea Liqueur step by step

  1. Sterilize a jar with a lid in boiling water. Wipe the inside of the lid with the white liquor (not listed). Put the loose tea leaves in a tea bag..
  2. Put the granulated sugar, tea pack and white liquor into the jar in that order. Store in the refrigerator..
  3. It will turn tea-colored in about half a day. Shake the jar once a day to dissolve the sugar. Take the tea pack out after about a week. Squeeze out the tea bag at that time to get all the tea essence out..
  4. The granulated sugar will dissolve in about 10 days. The liqueur should be ready to consume in about 2 weeks..
  5. I recommend enjoying this as a cocktail similar to Kahlua Milk. Try it in hot tea, in hot milk, in baked goods, or in any way you like..

Remove from heat and allow to cool. Did you know that you can many liqueurs at home? From fruity peach and cranberry liqueurs to bar essentials like amaretto and Irish cream, there is a great variety of homemade liqueur recipes to choose from. Many liqueurs require just a few things: an alcohol base, flavoring ingredients, and simple syrup. I already have some published and more will come.

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