Recipe: Tasty My Dawa

recipe tasty my dawa

My Dawa. Dawa is a resident of Portia with whom the player can develop a friendship. He is the keeper of the Tree Farm in Portia, working alongside Aadit. He can be found strolling along the Tree Farm entrance during the day.

My Dawa He is the keeper of the Portia Tree Farm. At the end of the day, he returns to his home, which is located just inside the entrance of the Tree Farm. Dawa is one of the Hulu brothers. You can cook My Dawa using 4 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of My Dawa

  1. You need of Fresh Ginger.
  2. It’s of Fresh tumeric.
  3. Prepare of Honey.
  4. You need of Lemon.

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My Dawa step by step

  1. Crush ginger and tumeric (the tumeric can be over powering, so use small amounts).
  2. Boil the crushed mixture in water then let it cool slightly..
  3. Squeeze in the lemon juice in the garlic mixture and sweeten to your taste. Enjoy.

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