How to Cook Yummy Pasta in Bechamel sauce aka white sauce

how to cook yummy pasta in bechamel sauce aka white sauce

Pasta in Bechamel sauce aka white sauce. Easy, delicious and creamy white sauce or béchamel sauce garlic mushroom pasta made with simple pantry ingredients or kitchen staples. All you need is flour, butter and milk to make that delicious velvety, thick and rich béchamel sauce pasta with garlic pepper mushrooms. STEPS TO MAKE WHITE SAUCE PASTA.

Pasta in Bechamel sauce aka white sauce To thicken the sauces, stews, soups, and gravy, equal parts of fat and flour by weight cooked together. Cook your pasta till al-dente or according to package instructions. Cook the milk in low flame to get avoid. You can cook Pasta in Bechamel sauce aka white sauce using 9 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Pasta in Bechamel sauce aka white sauce

  1. Prepare 250 gm of pasta.
  2. It’s 3/4 tspn of chilli flakes.
  3. Prepare 3/4 tspn of ground pepper.
  4. You need 3 tspn of flour / Maida.
  5. Prepare 2 cubes of Butter.
  6. It’s 3 tspn of olive oil.
  7. Prepare 1 cup of Milk.
  8. You need 3 cubes of cheese.
  9. It’s of Salt as required.

The White Sauce Pasta Recipe also known as the Bechamel sauce or Alfredo Sauce is a must to have in the refrigerator so you can whip up a great main course quickly. My personal favorite begins with making Gratin's. Gratins are French dishes that have a vegetables  baked along with bechamel and cheese. You can modify this by adding herbs of your choice.

Pasta in Bechamel sauce aka white sauce step by step

  1. In a pan take boiling water add salt and boil until pasta is cooked and drain water and set aside.
  2. In a pan, add one cube of butter and add vegetable of your choice. I added boiled and shredded chicken and onion cubes and sauté slightly. Vegetable should be crunchy and colour should not be changed. Set is aside as we prepare the sauce.
  3. To prepare the most important ingredient bechamel sauce aka white sauce take a pan add two cubes of butter and add Maida / flour to it stir well until it's mixed and add milk to it and keep stirring until it thickens and then add chilli flakes and pepper to it.
  4. Then add the sautéd vegetable and pasta to it and mix well and then finally add shredded cheese and serve hot!.

White sauce pasta is a very easy dish to make. Its rich and creamy texture adds wonders to your pasta. The most important aspect of this dish is the white sauce, which as the french call it the bechamel sauce. This white sauce is few of the basic sauces used by the french and the italians for many dishes. The white sauce pasta recipe is an easy pasta recipe made with white sauce and veggies.

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