☆4 Colors Temari-Sushi☆. I wrapped the fillings around some of the temari sushi to make them look like the emperor and empress dolls, but all of the other sushi are made by lining the moulds wit. cookpad.japan. See great recipes for "Temari-Sushi" Ball-shaped Sushi too! Create picture-perfect sushi for any occasion with this delightful and easy temari sushi recipe.

☆4 Colors Temari-Sushi☆ Here are some useful tips to dress up your Temari Sushi: Use contrasting colors like red (tuna) and green (avocado). Ingredients such as octopus sashimi, kinshi tamago (shredded egg crepes) are great for creating textures. Temarizushi, or Temari sushi, are small and ball-shaped sushi. You can cook ☆4 Colors Temari-Sushi☆ using 13 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of ☆4 Colors Temari-Sushi☆

  1. Prepare of ・ Rice…300g of pre-cooked rice.
  2. You need of ・ Water…380cc(About 10% less than usual).
  3. Prepare of ・ Apple vinegar…50cc.
  4. You need of ・ Sugar…1.5tsp.
  5. It’s of ・ Salt…1tsp.
  6. You need of ・ Kombu (kelp)…1sheet(5cm×5cm).
  7. It’s of Examples of Fun Toppings:.
  8. It’s of ・ Avocado & Salmon.
  9. Prepare of ・ Shiso leaves, Dried sakura shrimp & Yukari furikake.
  10. You need of ・ Flied minced eggs & Salt preserved cherry blossom.
  11. It’s of ・Fake crab.
  12. You need of ・Sliced cheese.
  13. You need of ・ Anything else you like!.

Temari (literally means "hand ball" in English) is a traditional Japanese embroidered ball, which people used to play within Japan. Temari sushi, or small ball-shaped sushi, was functionally invented in Kyoto, where maiko or geiko can easily enjoy the bite-size sushi without messing up their beautiful make ups. 【SUBSCRIBE. Garnish temari sushi with ikura (salmon roe), flower-shape cutout carrot, nori (seaweed) strips, super thinly sliced lemon, chives, kaiware daikon (radish sprout), or microgreens. Power wrap with cone thread and then finish wrap with a single strand of thread.

☆4 Colors Temari-Sushi☆ instructions

  1. Cook rice with 10% less water than usual (since you will be adding vinegar later)..
  2. In a small saucepan, combine apple vinegar, sugar and salt to make slightly sweetened sushi-vinegar. Add kelp, cook until boil and allow to cool down..
  3. When rice is ready, add the vinegar and mix them well so that the rice will not be too watery and sticky (if available, use a flat container or a sushi-oke: a wooden sushi pot)..
  4. Lightly round the rice into 12 balls..
  5. Top rice balls with toppings you like. Place them on a plate or in a square shaped lunch box and enjoy!.

It's usually fine if your temari is larger by a couple of centimeters. Not smaller though, since the design will be crowded on the ball. Temarizushi (Temari Sushi) – Beautiful Colors Ball to Celebrate any Girl's Day. Temarizushi is a type of sushi that mostly use for celebration in Japan. Especially on Girl's days these colorful rice balls (named after the traditional Temari yarn ball toy) served as a treat for any.

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