Easiest Way to Make Delicious Jowari ki roti

easiest way to make delicious jowari ki roti

Jowari ki roti. And traditionally Jonna Rotte or Jowar ki roti is eaten by farmers who do a lot of physical work and Jonna rotte is supposed to sustain the. Jowari (JONNA) Roti Chapathi & RAGI ROTI CHAPATI CHICKEN CURRY EATING SHOW ASMR Most Hard Working Ladies Preparing & Selling Jowari Roti in Hyderabad Street

Jowari ki roti Jowar roti is an unleavened Indian flatbread which is made with minimum of ingredients, jowar flour and salt. jowar ki roti is famous and consumed more in the Western parts of. Jowar Ki Roti Recipe, How To Make Jowar Ki Roti Recipe. It is Traditionally Jonna Now take some of the atta as dumpling to make a roti, sprinkle millet flour first and put..a perfect jowar ki roti recipe. firstly, always use hot water to knead the jowar dough tandoori roti , ragi roti , garlic naan , bhatura recipe , sabudana thalipeeth , roomali roti. You can have Jowari ki roti using 3 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Jowari ki roti

  1. You need 1 cup of jowar flour.
  2. Prepare As required of water.
  3. It’s to taste of Salt.

Jowar roti recipe with step by step pics – Jowar roti or jowar bhakri Are healthy In summers I make jowar roti & Ragi roti. in winters & monsoon I make Makki ki roti. How to Make Jowari Ki Roti Sieve flour and salt. Kneading well is very important so the roti doesn't break. Ingredients for Jowari Ki Roti Recipe.

Jowari ki roti step by step

  1. Mix jowar flour, salt in a bowl and add warm water to it. Make a soft dough..
  2. Take orange sized ball from the dough and knead it well by rolling with palm to make it soft and sticky. Now make round shaped ball from the dough and flatten it between two hands using fingers.Use little water if required..
  3. Gently place the flattened round ball on the rolling board dusted with jowar flour and pat it with fingers on the edges to make it large. Patting should be done on the edges of the roti carefully by rotating the roti. While patting put more jowar flour on the top of roti and on the rolling board to avoid it from breaking.
  4. Heat a tawa. Lift the roti from the rolling board by placing one hand below the roti and flip it on the tawa. Wet a cloth with water and spread the water completely on the roti..
  5. Wait till the water gets completely evaporated from the roti then flip it and cook till the colour of water side changes. Apply ghee on top of it and serve warm..

The jowar ki roti has to be handled carefully and it can be done only with lots and lots of practice. If one is from South India then elders of the family might make these rotis with. Jowar roti is a very healthy roti and can be easily made too. Just it needs few times of practise and i am sure you can master in making jowar ki roti. Mooli Jowar Ki Roti is a healthy and wholesome breakfast roti that fills your stomach to keep you going for a long time.

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