Dahi Barray. Dahi Baray recipe is so yummy and mouthwatering to be made at the time of Iftar. It is a popular street snack that is served all across the country and is spicy and a pure desi delight. There are various other Pakistani food recipes that can be tried at the time of Iftaar but Dahi Baray serves as a perfect appetizer at the time of Iftaar.

Dahi Barray In a blender jar,add yellow lentil,water and blend well until smooth. In a wok,heat cooking oil and fry phulkiyan on medium flame until golden brown. Dahi Baray are deep friend snacks which are prepared in most of Pakistani homes on special occasions such as eids, parties, ramazan etc. You can have Dahi Barray using 8 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Dahi Barray

  1. Prepare of ✔Half kg Dahi.
  2. It’s of ✔1 cup beson.
  3. Prepare of ✔Chat masla.
  4. It’s of ✔Hara dhaniya,podina,green mirchi.
  5. You need of ✔Salt.
  6. It’s of ✔Imli ko pani ma ghol lain.
  7. It’s of ✔Green chatni.
  8. Prepare of ✔Pessa howa zeera.

There are different ways to prepare vadas in dahi vada. They can be prepared using flour, besan or lentils. In our Dahi Baray Recipe we will tell you the best way to prepare them. Dahi Baray is a popular Desi snack that comes with unique taste.

Dahi Barray step by step

  1. #Dahi #Baray👇👇👇 ✅Recipe by #komal #Ali ✅Beson ma tora sa soda,2 spoon dahi aur pani dal k mix karay pher oil garm krk pokry fry kr lain aur pani ma dal kr nikal lain #Green #chatni👈👈👈👈 ✅➡Dahi ma 3,4 green mirchi,podina,hari mirchi,hara dhaniya aur zara sa vinger en sub ko grind kr lain 2,3 sp dahi ma Dal dain aur jar ma Dal kr fridge ma rakh dain..👈👈👈😋 ➡Piyaz,hara dhaniya podina kat kr dal dain, Imli ko pani ma ghol kr es ma dal dain,chat masla,namak,pessa howa zeera dal dain aur las.

Dahi Baray is very popular dish; there are so many different recipes of making Dahi Baray. There are plenty of variations in the way people prepare the dahi baray recipe or the dahi vada recipe. Different regions add different masala to the dahi preparation. Directions: In spice mixer,add yellow lentil,carom seeds and grind to a make fine powder & set aside. In bowl,add garm flour,grinded lentil powder,red chili powder,turmeric powder and mix well.

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