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Ingredients of Conun coscos

  1. You need of coscos.
  2. You need of sugar.
  3. It’s of dabino.
  4. It’s of kwakwa.
  5. It’s of madarar gari kota ruwa.
  6. Prepare of ruwan zafi.
  7. Prepare of gishiri kadan.
  8. It’s of Ayaba.

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Conun coscos instructions

  1. Dafarko zaki sami coscos dinki kisa masa gishiri kadan kizuba masa ruwan zafi yasha kansa kibarshi inya tsotse ruwan yayi laushi sosai.
  2. Saiki samu kwakwar ki kigoge bakin bayanka kigogata ki ajiye.
  3. Saiki sami dabino kibude cikinsa ki wanke ki gutsutsturashi kanaka kiyanka ayabarki.
  4. Saiki zuba coscos dinki amazubi kisa kwakwar ki sugar kadan ayabarki kizuba ki zuba madararki ta ruwa inkuma ta garice saikin damata saiki zuba kijuya sosai saiki saka a firij shikenan.

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