How to Make Yummy Methi and corn fritters

how to make yummy methi and corn fritters

Methi and corn fritters. Recipe of Indian corn fenugreek fritters Add coriander seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, ginger, green chilly paste. Corn Methi Pakora / Sweet Corn Fenugreek Leaves Fritters.

Methi and corn fritters These useful spices can be used to cook so many different meals! These easy corn fritters are a great way to enjoy fresh, in-season corn. A simple batter of corn, egg, and flour is made into pancakes and fried. You can have Methi and corn fritters using 10 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Methi and corn fritters

  1. You need of grated sweet corn.
  2. Prepare of chopped methi leaves.
  3. It’s of Salt as require.
  4. You need of rawa.
  5. It’s of gram flour.
  6. You need of black pepper powder.
  7. It’s of Water as require.
  8. You need of Oil to shallow fry.
  9. It’s of Ketchup to serve.
  10. It’s of Green chutney to serve.

To achieve a crispy fritter, you need to be sure to follow a few steps. First, don't overmix the batter, and allow it to sit before frying so it thickens up. These corn fritters will make you fall in love again with this Kiwi classic. All it takes is three easy steps to make – perfect for anytime of the day.

Methi and corn fritters instructions

  1. Wash methi leaves and add some salt to it. Mix with hand and leave for 5min. Then press with hand and remove access water..
  2. Take that methi leaves into a bowl and add crushed corn, salt, gram flour, rawa, black pepper powder then mix well. If needed add some water gradually, 1-1 spoon. Form a very soft dough..
  3. Leave for 5min. Then make small sized patties and shallow fry on medium heat, till both the sides turns light brown..
  4. Serve hot with ketchup or green chutney..

Corn fritters are always popular for brunch at cafes but what about as a light lunch or dinner at home? All it takes is three easy steps and it's a great way to. Not just another corn fritters recipe – these are Bill Granger's famous corn fritters! This really is restaurant quality food made in your own home. These are Bill Granger's corn fritters, from his popular bistro, arguably one of the best places for brunch in Sydney.

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