Air fried cinnamon caramel apples #mommasrecipes. Find Deals on Gourmet Candy Apples in Chocolate on Amazon. Air Fryer Baked Apples are the perfect quick dessert when you're craving something sweet. These cinnamon baked apples are filled with a delicious oat crisp and can be enjoyed on their own or topped with ice cream or cream.

Air fried cinnamon caramel apples  #mommasrecipes Add apple slices in a single layer. If you are using both cinnamon and salt, mix them in a small bowl. Otherwise, rub the cinnamon into the apple slices and then arrange them on the bottom of the basket. You can have Air fried cinnamon caramel apples #mommasrecipes using 4 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Air fried cinnamon caramel apples #mommasrecipes

  1. Prepare of Apples.
  2. You need of Brown sugar.
  3. You need of Cinnamon.
  4. Prepare of Caramel dipping sauce.

Place only as many slices that it takes to form a single layer without overlapping the slices. Cut the apple or pear in half around the middle and spoon out some of the flesh. Place the apple or pear in frying pan (which may be provided with the air fryer) or on the bottom of the air fryer (after removing the accessory). In a small bowl, combine margarine, cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts and raisins.

Air fried cinnamon caramel apples #mommasrecipes step by step

  1. Make brown sugar mixture.
  2. .
  3. .
  4. The mistake I made donÔÇÖt do this, add Caramel last 1 min or so when air frying.
  5. Pre heat air fryer 400 cook until apples are tender, then add caramel. Let cool some before serving..

How to Make Air Fryer Empanadas. Heat a saucepan on medium-high heat. Add chopped apples, vanilla extract, honey, and nutmeg. Create a slurry with cornstarch and water in a small bowl. Mix and add it to the apple mixture.

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