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Kuromame Black Soybeans for Osechi

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The ingredients needed to make Kuromame Black Soybeans for Osechi:

  1. Use 100 grams of Kuromame, preferably from the Tanba-Sasayama region.
  2. Provide 70 grams of Sugar (light brown sugar).
  3. Prepare 10 ml of Soy sauce (regular or usukuchi soy sauce).
  4. Use 1/2 grams of Salt (a pinch).
  5. You need 400 ml of Water.
  6. Take 3 of Rusted nails.
  7. Take 1 of Disposable tea filter.

Instructions to make Kuromame Black Soybeans for Osechi:

  1. Rinse off the rusted nails, and put them in an empty tea bag..
  2. Put the seasoning and water in a sauce pan, add the nails, bring to a boil. Rinse, then add the kuromame and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat, and let sit for about 10 hours..
  3. Heat the beans after letting them soak overnight, bring to a boil, then carefully skim the surface scum. If the water boils down, add more. The beans should always be immersed in water..
  4. Cover with a drop lid, then the pot lid, and simmer for about 8 hours over very low heat. If the liquid boils down, add no more than about 100 ml water at a time..
  5. When the beans become tender, stew until the water just covers the beans. Then they're done..
  6. In Step 4, if using a pressure cooker, heat until the low-heat pressure gauge rises, and turn off the heat when it starts to move. Then the beans are done..
  7. If using a regular pot, they must stew for a long time, so if you need to step away from the pot, turn off the heat. Once you're ready to get back to the stove, you can continue to stew the beans..
  8. If possible, let the beans soak overnight again in the liquid. The flavor will be nicely absorbed. The beans should be stored in the liquid as well..

The symbolic auspicious meaning of serving the beans at new year's meals is to give those who partake a long life well until the skin wrinkles from age, so actually, hard and wrinkled beans are symbolically. These jewel-like, sweet black soybeans called Kuromame, are a classic Osechi dish enjoyed during Oshogatsu – Japanese New Year. You want to eat them for good health for the new year! One of the easiest dishes you can make for the Japanese New Years (Oshogatsu) is Kuromame (黒豆) or sweet black soybeans. Kuromame (meaning "black beans" in Japanese) are tasty, sweetened black soybeans that are usually eaten as part of the Japanese New Year's celebration food (Osechi Ryori).

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